About us


VAG Technics manufactures parts using modern CNC equipment. We process materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, bronze, technical plastics. Each client is important for us, therefore we work individually with each customer, we carry out serial and single orders throughout Europe.

To manufacture a part, we need drawings, models or samples. If the customer is not able to provide the necessary information, we will develop all the necessary documentation for the implementation of your project. This is followed by a selection of the optimal manufacturing technology: material, tools, equipment, a suitable machine, which will ensure that the order is completed within the agreed time.

All work is carried out on modern high-precision CNC turning-milling and CNC milling machines. We use only time-tested cutting tools, so all parts will fully comply with the required technical characteristics, dimensions and tolerances.

VAG Technics is constantly improving and developing rapidly in the field of production processes, this is facilitated by an energetic, technically educated team.